Bonding Gum

It plays a vital role in the tyre re-treading process. It's always ideal to use good quality adhesive products that can give perfect adhesion to the tread belt at the time of processing.

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Precured Tread Rubber

These have excellent cushioning property, which help them to maintain ... The precured tread rubber manufactured by us are durable in quality and made with high quality Synthetic Rubber.

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Conventional Tread Rubber

We also produce conventional treads that is specifically developed for 3 wheeler, 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler. You can find conventional tread rubber for any of your vehicles with us.

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Black Vulcanizing Solution

It is used for Precured Tyre Retreading as well as in conventional or Hot process tyre retreading, it comes with a superior scorch safety, longer shelf life and better tack.

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Use our products  for the best in class performance. Bring out the potential of your vehicles. After buying a new car, the first things that most people upgrade are the wheels and tyres. There is no doubt they add visual pizzazz to your new pride and joy. but they could also potentially damage your car. So here is what you need to know before you upsize. 
Unsprang weight is the combined weight of the wheel, tyre and suspension or the weight of the parts that the springs and the bulk of the car rest on. And lighter is better. Both ride and handling are considerably improved with a lighter wheel.

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We heavily invest on innovation, research and development. Our high tech approach to the tyre retreading industry has earned us a high reputation in delivering consistent quality each time every time. Our specialists working to provide innovative and technologically advanced products to guarantee 100% satisfaction to the Customers. Group continuously improve upon the Products to enhance better mileage and trouble free performance. It begins and ends with retreads that perform like new tires, at a fraction of the price. We produce specialized tread patterns that match up with any terrain. Next-generation compounds resist wear and tear, delivering more mileage than ever before. Innovative designs lower rolling resistance to increase fuel efficiency and reduce your total cost of ownership. All delivered by a dealer network second to none.

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